Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Respon dr obe....

marah gila obe gn si hacker tu........di bawah ada lah p.screen dr blog seyes


Serius Shit - Akibat Semalam

Akibat Semalam

Akibat kes hacking semalam entry dari tahun 2009-2010 didelete oleh si penggodam. Since aku tak ingat mana aku simpan back up blog aku let's just say they are all dead. Forever

What else is dead? All my work since 2005 in FOA. It seems they deleted everything that I have ever written in FOA. Since I never back up FOA since it's inception you can safely assume they are all gone forever as well.

I don't know what is the motivation behind the hack. As most of you already know I was in Parit Buntar on an emergency family issue. My future father in law suffered his second stroke in four month less than a week from my wedding. The timing was just rotten.

The hackers then have the balls to say "we come we inject we leave" when fact of the matter is they deleted the bulk of this blog that I can say is now unrecoverable. Pray tell what is the point of deleting my body of work? Because of this hack my FOA book project is now indefinitely cancelled. I can no longer access my work email and I have to contact advertisers using another account.

Yesterday I have to break the news to my future wife that we have to cancel one of our honeymoon plan. I don't know if any of the hackers are married or planning to get married yet but losing business opportunities so close to a wedding is one of the worse thing in the world. Having to cancel your honeymoon plans is even worse. Thank you. You just make my future wife very-very upset.

You did ask for forgiveness. But how do u forgive someone who cause you so much grief and destroyed you life's work? How do you forgive someone who still haven't returned all the hacked account to me?

Would you forgive someone who did all this to you just a day after receiving the call that your future father in law in in hospital due to a second stroke just 5 days from your wedding?

Forgive? Forget? Can you? That is the question that is lingering at the back of my head right this moment.

Would you

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